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How We’re Working to Solve Problems on Broadway

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What the SoHo NO BID Committee is doing to help in SoHo, or …


The Politics of Trash and the SoHo BID


Dear SoHo Neighbors:

Over the past few months we’ve all seen the trash pile up on Broadway during busy weekends – largely a result of shoppers and tourists flocking to big retail outlets doing business in properties owned by promoters of the BS BID.  We don’t like the situation any more than you do, but the SoHo BID is NOT the answer.

Is Trash REALLY the issue?  NO!  When the FACTS are examined it’s seen that those behind the BS BID are manipulating this trash issue – a condition created by their booming businesses and their absolute failure – or outright refusal – to properly deal with the trash their customers leave behind in SoHo.

Your friends and neighbors on the SoHo NO BID Committee are working to resolve both trash and vending problems without giving away our voice in local governmental decisions.   

What your neighbors and the SoHo NO BID Committee are DOING:

  • Urging local property owners to fulfill their legal responsibility to keep their sidewalks free of trash; the NO BID member properties are keeping their areas clean.
  • Working with Community Board 2 Traffic & Transportation and Environment & Public Safety Committees to address local vending & trash issues.
  • Interacting with local NYPD Precincts 1 & 5 to deal with the influx of vendors and to make sure that existing vending regulations are enforced.
  • Pushing for enforcement of legislation that requires all vendors to have trash receptacles and clean the areas around their vending sites.
  • Determining the cost for individual owners to contract with ACE for sweeping & trash collection services on a building-by-building basis.

What the BID organizers say is NOT what they do:  Indications are that they’re actually making every effort to trash Broadway in SoHo so they can get their way.  Don’t believe it?  Take a look at the BS BID twitter feed where the pro-BID gang glories in the trash their customers leave behind on Broadway.

SUPPORT your Neighbors and the SoHo NO BID Committee



Written by SoHoNoBID

October 25, 2011 at 3:05 pm

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