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Structuring a Better Plan for Broadway in SoHo


Following the November 20 SoHo BID Oversight Hearing, we continue to work towards a plan that meets the requirements of the law and better serves all who live, work and own on Broadway.

The aim is for A COMPREHENSIVE PLAN that offers fair representation and community involvement.  A plan that assures transparency and civic responsibility.  A plan that serves the specific needs of Broadway.


The GOAL:  Insuring that the plan will truly be in the BEST INTEREST of the PUBLIC.


Deborah Glick, our NYS Assembly member, lays out a more appropriate alternative:

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to present testimony at the Oversight Hearing held by the City Council’s Committee on Finance regarding continued concerns over the proposal to create a SoHo Business Improvement District (BID). While I agree that there are some outstanding concerns in the proposed district area, specifically regarding trash, traffic and an abundance of vendors, I do not believe that a full BID in SoHo is the best way to address these needs.

The abundance of trash is a daily concern for the area, which the BID proposes to address. Yet, if this is really the main goal of the BID, I do not see the need for the creation of administration and additional staff to facilitate this. Recently, Small Business Services (SBS) released information about the creation of a BID Express. This program was designed to allow districts to focus on providing critically needed services, without having to hire an executive director or rent office space. If this district is primarily in need of street cleaning, I suggested that a BID Express might be a more appropriate alternative to the full BID.

Additionally, if this BID is created, I suggested that it be done so on a 2 year trial basis, that the BID not be allowed to accrue debt and that residential rates of $1 per year be fixed in perpetuity. For a copy of my full testimony, please contact my office.


Click HERE to read Assembly member Glick’s full testimony presented at the SoHo BID Oversight Hearing.




Written by SoHoNoBID

March 31, 2013 at 1:00 pm

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