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SoHo Deserves Better

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The Proposed BS BID is Not the Answer for SoHo


SoHo Deserves Better


High-powered and well-connected SoHo real estate interests have put together a business scheme, known as a Business Improvement District. If enacted, the SoHo BS BID will mean an increase in costs, both for living and doing business along Broadway in SoHo.  Those behind the SoHo BS BID will levy a FEE on every single property owner covering the 100 buildings within the district.  Their $700,000  $550,000  plan is  ill-conceived and their proposed management costs exceed every other expenditure.  The problems they claim to address, namely crowds and trash, are products of their own making. But …

They will MAKE YOU PAY for the solution.

There’s only one answer:  Say NO to the SoHo BS BID


We’ve created the SoHo NO BID blog so you can learn more about the proposed SoHo BS BID.

  • WHAT is a BID?

  • WHO is behind the SoHo BS BID?

  • HOW MUCH will the SoHo BS BID COST?


Tell the NY City Council to Reject the SoHo BS BID


Contact: NYC Council Member Margaret Chin @ 212.587.3159 /


Contact The SoHo NO BID

Written by SoHoNoBID

May 23, 2011 at 4:25 am

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