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SAY NO to the SoHo Business Improvement District

SoHo residents are under assault by a small group of real estate investors and property holders, a powerful and well-connected few who will take control of our neighborhood under the guise of the SoHo Business Improvement District (BID).

The real estate interests behind the SoHo BID have greatly benefitted from their transformation of SoHo, where flagship emporiums for global brands are filling all the available storefronts. They’ve been so successful that a crush of shoppers from around the world can be found in SoHo on any given day. Their thriving retail stores have brought congestion and trash to the sidewalks along Broadway.

But the syndicate behind the SoHo BID, rather than contribute funds to solve these self-created problems, instead plans to assess a FEE on every property owner along Broadway. This is an annual and perpetual fee, essentially a TAX, to be calculated and controlled by those who will run the SoHo BID.


  • The majority of longtime SoHo property owners do not want the BID
  • Local businesses do NOT want the BID.
  • Local residents, the people who pioneered SoHo when demolition loomed, DO NOT WANT the BID.

Our local Community Board VOTED UNANIMOUSLY to OPPOSE the creation of the SoHo BID. Yet, despite overwhelming neighborhood opposition, the New York City Planning Commission recently voted to approve the SoHo BID plan.

The fate of the SoHo BID now rests in the hands of our local NY City Council Member, Margaret Chin, who testified before the City Planning Commission, stating:

” … regarding the proposed SoHo BID … I must point out that community boards are no strangers to BIDs and most are voted through unanimously, which is unfortunately not the case here … SoHo is a busy and congested area, which may not benefit from these efforts …

… right now I find it hard to wholeheartedly support this application.”

We appeal to Council Member Chin to hold fast and not allow the SoHo BID to move forward.

Read through our PAGES, listed to the right, to see why the SoHo BID is simply A BAD PLAN for SoHo.


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May 24, 2011 at 6:05 pm

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